About Mt. Shasta IT Services


Mt. Shasta IT Services was started by Kevin Allard on January 1st of 2015.

Originally from Connecticut, Kevin moved to Dunsmuir in August of 2007. Taken away by the beauty of the environment and the friendliness of the people, he vowed to make Siskiyou County his home.

Kevin's passion for technology fueled his work in the community from his first year of arrival.  Working for several IT service providers, Kevin designed and supported the networks of municipalities, small businesses, and residential customers.

As the need for affordable and quality IT services grew in Siskiyou County, Kevin left his position at his previous employer and started Mt. Shasta IT Services.  Kevin currently lives in Mt. Shasta, only a few blocks from Shasta IT's downtown office.  


Mt. Shasta IT Services currently serves a wide variety of businesses and residents in Siskiyou County.  From designing and supporting state-of-the-art, high-performance business networks, to setting up modest home offices, Mt. Shasta IT Services can offer you full service IT solutions at an affordable rate.  See our Services page for more information about the Services we offer, or visit our Contact page for our contact information or office address.




Kevin Allard, owner and operator of Mt. Shasta IT Services